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We had the 2011 summer on-site lecture
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The 2011 summer on-site lecture was held at Daedeok (4th week).

The lectures of Dean Ock Soo Park, who just arrived from Africa,

Renewed our hearts that were withering without strength.



“Why is spiritual life hard? It’s because of the two voices we hear in our hearts.”

Even with jetlag, the dean started with the Mahanaim Cyber College lectures.

He told the students to live a life of preaching the gospel wholeheartedly.


When I throw away my righteousness, salvation becomes very easy.

Likewise, when I throw away my thoughts, spiritual life becomes very easy.

Is it easier to receive the forgiveness of sins by faith or to receive salvation by my righteousness?

Is it better to live by faith or to live by my methods?

Satan deceives us and makes us feel burdened. Leave your life to the Lord.

Become people that will wholeheartedly live for the gospel.


This was a brief summary of Dean Ock Soo Park’s lecture.


During the on-site lecture, there were many students

Who expressed their intent for the ministry upon graduation.

Regarding this matter, the faculty are currently discussing on

Starting a training institute for the graduates.

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