A place where one can learn the Bible systematically, where one can learn to live in God, that is, Good News Theology School.


  • Introduction
  • Goal&Vision
  • History


Training school of evangelist who teach knowledge of the Bible and life of faith

“And Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him. And when Jacob saw them, he said, This is God’s host: and he called the name of that place Mahanaim.” (Genesis 32:1,2)

The internet today enables people around the world to share knowledge and information beyond time and space.The Good News Theology School was established in order to teach the bible systematically using the Internet as a tool to those who are interested in Christianity.

Good News Theology School provides lectures in 8 languages: Korean, English, Chinese Spanish, French, Turkish, Cambodia, Mongolian which is spoken by 70% of the world’s population. It gives so much hope that ministers will arise from Africa, America, Europe, China and India through this online Good News Theology School.

Good News Theology School will be teaching biblical knowledge and life of faith and will have less than a month of on-site lecture annually in order to raise born-again ministers through spiritual fellowship and exchange between the students.

The graduates may work as ministers of the Good News Mission after completion of the two-year course, exams and prescribed requirements.

Education Ideology

The Good News Theology School aims to train Ministers with an “Orthodox Evangelicalism” base, which includes knowing the precise Gospel in the Bible through information and communication media for students around the world who have difficulties attending on-site lectures due to time and space constraints.

Education Goals

교육이념 및 목표

To help the laity in the world realize the truth of the precise Gospel in the Bible.
We are raising gospel leaders in the world.
To lead believers to live based on
theological theory and learning.

Mahanaim Cyber College History

02. The 13th Graduation Ceremony
09. Opening of Mongolian Language Department
08. The 13th Graduation Ceremony
04. The 3rd National Alumni Association
02. The 11th Graduation Ceremony
11. The 6th Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
08. The 10th Graduation Ceremony
04. The 2nd National Alumni Association
03. Opening of Cambodian Language Department
02. The 9th Graduation Ceremony
01. Changed its name to Mahanaim Bible Training
11. The 5th Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
08. The 8th Graduation Ceremony
02. The 7th Graduation Ceremony
11. The 4th Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
09. The 1st National Alumni Association
07. The 6th Graduation Ceremony
06. Organizing Mahanaim Cyber College Alumni
02. The 5th Graduation Ceremony
11. The 3rd Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
09. Opening of Turkish Language Department
08. The 4th Graduation Ceremony
03. Opening of Russian Language Department
02. The 3th Graduation Ceremony
11. The 2nd Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
09. Opening of Japanese Language Department
08. The 2th Graduation Ceremony
03. Opening of Hindi Language Department
02. The 1st Graduation Ceremony,
   The 1st Minister-in-Training Certification Award Ceremony
11. The 1st Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
09. Opening of French Language Department
06. Opening of Kenya, Ghana branch office
05. Opening of China branch office
04. Established Mahanaim Cyber College
   (English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish)