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Meeting Held for the Start of the Mahanaim Cyber College in Vietnam
Author : Mahanaim     Date Posted:2011-06-20 16:31:35     Views:600



As our the dean of our school Ock Soo Park returned from the World Camp in India,

he is in full swing to open the Mahanaim Cyber College in several Southeast Asian countries.

Students in India have been listening to the Mahanaim lectures in English; however,

this world camp translation was given in Hindi and the students' reaction was truly welcoming.

Conveying the message in Hindi rather than English allowed the students to understand more precisely.

Therefore we have started to translate and dub the cyber college lecture in Hindi.

With that opportunity we have also started to dub the lectures

into several Southeast Asian country languages.

In order to conduct classes in countries that have not started the cyber college 

we are preparing their department and construction of that department's homepage.

(In the picture: the administrator of the Mahanaim Cyber College in Vietnam and the staff in Korea are having a discussion about the start of the cyber college in Vietnam).





We are currently in the middle of preparing for the opening of the Mahanaim Cyber College in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Philippine.  

To the students reading these words, we ask for your prayers. ^^

Everyone, please pray for us~!! 

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