A place where one can learn the Bible systematically, where one can learn to live in God, that is, Good News Theology School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What’s the difference between audit and regular students?
Audit students are exempted from essays and examinations, and granted a certificate upon completion of four semesters. Regular students are required to submit midterm and final exam essays, and granted a degree upon completion.
Q) When is the vacation?
Summer vacation is from July to August, and winter vacation is from January to February.
Q) When do the lectures get updated?
Lectures for the week get updated on Monday. (12:00 p.m)
Q) Can students watch lectures simultaneously in other languages?
A student is assigned a student number upon first registering with Mahanaim Cyber College within his/her affiliated language department (English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean). Each language department is entirely distinguished from each other and has its own system.
The Dean of each language department takes a responsibility of each student and learning upon his/her completion of the program. Consider the four language websites as four separate schools, not as language translation service. Therefore, watching lectures in several languages are prohibited.
Q) Is there any time restriction on watching the lectures?
No. You can watch any lectures any time you want. There is nothing to worry about – that’s the beauty of our cyber classes!
Q) What is the procedure for essays and exams?
Simply, everything is done online. During the exam period (refer to Academic Calendar),keep an eye on ‘notice’ board and follow the instructions. You must download the essay form in order to write and submit the file before the deadline.
Q) Would all students be dispatched after graduation?
Not all students will be dispatched upon graduation. Students who fully participated in the program with the passionate heart of serving ministry will be candidates for missionaries. Those selected candidates will be trained to be missionaries for a period of time, and will be a final decision under faculty meeting and discussion.
Q) When one seats for the exam, not in Korea, which clock does he/she refer to?
Deeply aware that the students who seat for the exam in countries, other than Korea, may have some challenges but we request you to fix your time into Korean clock during the exam period. This is to escape programing error.
Q) I completed watching a lecture, but it still says incomplete. What do I do?
Once a lecture is finished, do not close the video immediately. Wait 3-4 seconds until you see a ‘play again’ button, and then close the video. If this doesn’t work, press F5 key and refresh the page.