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Those who bear fruit of Jesus_Pastor Ock Soo Park
Author : Mahanaim     Date Posted:2018-12-06 04:44:34     Views:6876
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Those who bear fruit of Jesus

In Acts chapter 3, Peter raises a lame man. Before, he just passed by, but a new heart has risen.  Peter’s body was the same as before, but the mind that moved his body was not Peter himself, but Jesus. The heart of the Lord, who pity the lame man, filled Peter’s heart, ‘I have no strength, but Jesus in me is able to raise the lame man!’ This heart arose in the heart of Peter, and did something that has had never done before.

We had a heart that we are sinners, but what was justified is the phenomenon that happened as the word of God entered into our hearts, and the Spirit of God led us.  Since then, Jesus has come to us to live a life that we have never lived.  If we follow his heart, the fruit of Jesus will bring forth life, giving people joy, peace, hope and strength.

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