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Jesus who waited for a Samaritan woman
Author : Mahanaim     Date Posted:2018-12-10 04:02:40     Views:732
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Jesus who waited for a Samaritan woman

Samaritan woman was probably not an ugly woman.  She was probably pretty and good that the men married her, but because her personality was so bad, she was living with the sixth man. Jesus loved her and waited at the well, and when the woman came, He approached her first saying, 'Give me water.' While the woman was having conversation with Jesus, she felt the love and grace she had never experienced before. The hope that she had lost in her life began to rise from her heart.

 Jesus said, "Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst.” The woman thought, "He came to give something to me, who is a Samaritan woman. But He wants to give me water that does not thirst forever? I am thirsty in heart, and I want to be in peace and to be loved,” Feeling that Jesus was someone who she could depend on, she was drawn into the conversation. 

 When we are afflicted, when we are lonely or feel empty, or when we deal with difficult problems, Jesus hands us the word to give us rest. Even if we are evil or rough, he waits for us and tries to give us more blessing and beautiful life.

 Do not try to do anything, but quietly talk to the Lord. “Lord, what is wrong with my heart?” Share your heart, and hear the voice of the Lord. When we find out that Jesus is waiting for us and has prepared the living water for us, then we can gain the eternal living water. Like the Samaritan woman, we will become happy people and the ones who do the precious work of leading people to the Lord.

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