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성경적 지식과 믿음의 삶을 가르치는 복음 전도자 양성소

“And Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him. And when Jacob saw them, he said, This is God’s host: and he called the name of that place Mahanaim.”
(Genesis 32:1,2)

Mahanaim Bible Training Center provides lectures in 5 languages: Korean, English, Chinese Spanish and French, which is spoken by 70% of the world’s population. It gives so much hope that ministers will arise from Africa, America, Europe, China and India through this Bible Training Center.

Mahanaim Bible Training Center will be teaching biblical knowledge and life of faith and will have less than a month of on-site lecture annually in order to raise born-again ministers through spiritual fellowship and exchange between the students.

The graduates may work as ministers of the Good News Mission after completion of the two-year course, exams and prescribed requirements.

We hope that whoever wishes to be a part of preaching the gospel until the end of the Earth will apply to Mahanaim Bible Training Center.


The Mahanaim Bible Training Center aims to train Ministers with an “Orthodox Evangelicalism” base, which includes knowing the precise Gospel in the Bible through information and communication media for students around the world who have difficulties attending on-site lectures due to time and space constraints.


1. 진리 Truth 전 세계 모든 평신도들이 성경의 정확한 복음의 진리를 깨닫도록 한다.2. 지도자 Leader 인터넷 강좌를 통해 전세계 복음의 지도자를 양성한다.3. 4대 주요 언어 인터넷 강좌를 통해 전세계 복음의 지도자를 양성한다.

1976년 ~ 2010년
  • 2010. 04Established Mahanaim Cyber College (English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish)
  • 2010. 05Opening of China branch office
  • 2010. 06Opening of Kenya, Ghana branch office
  • 2010. 09Opening of French Language Department
  • 2011. 11The 1st Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
  • 2012. 02The 1st Graduation Ceremony
                      The 1st Minister-in-Training Certification Award Ceremony
  • 2012. 03Opening of Hindi Language Department
  • 2012. 08The 2nd Graduation Ceremony
  • 2012. 09Opening of Japanese Language Department
  • 2012. 11The 2nd Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
  • 2013. 02The 3rd Graduation Ceremony
  • 2013. 03Opening of Russian Language Department
  • 2013. 08The 4th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2013. 09Opening of Turkish Language Department
  • 2013. 11The 3rd Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
  • 2014. 02The 5th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2014. 06Organizing Mahanaim Cyber College Alumni Association
  • 2014. 07The 6th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2014. 09The 1st Nationwide General Alumni Gathering
  • 2014. 11The 4th Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
  • 2015. 02The 7th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2015. 08The 8th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2015. 11The 5th Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
  • 2016. 01Changed its name to Mahanaim Bible Training Center
  • 2016. 02The 9th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2016. 03Opening of Cambodian Language Department
  • 2016. 04The Second National Alumni Association
  • 2016. 08The 10th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2016. 11The 6th Pilgrimage to Israel (School Trip)
  • 2017. 02The 11th Graduation Ceremony
  • 2017. 04The 3rd National Alumni Association
Organization 총회장 학장 부학장 교학처 홍보처 행정부 교수회 교무과 홍보기획과 대외홍보과 행정과 관리과