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As we commence the Mahanaim Bible Training Center...

Many people today live spiritual life and do their ministry saying they believe in Jesus. However, they must deny themselves and only believe in the word of God but because the foundation of their spiritual life is wrong, it affects and causes many difficulties in their spiritual life. If just a few things are clarified in our spiritual life, God can work powerfully inside of our hearts. Therefore, it is important to systematically learn these things one by one.

The Mahanaim Bible Training Center provides the opportunity for students from China, US, South America, Africa and elsewhere to study theology through internet, overcoming the difficulties to physically come to Korea to learn.

I lecture based on my past 40-years of running Missionary School. Moreover, competent pastors from our church have researched each subject and have recorded lectures which are translated and dubbed in other languages. Furthermore, with prayer and pouring all their hearts, the pastors prepared a system where the students could attend the lecture through the monitor while holding textbooks which were developed using appropriate word choices that fit each language.

We hope that people who love and want to preach the gospel but don’t know how as well as those who don’t know how to live their spiritual life after salvation would first join Mahanaim Cyber College and learn spiritual life. You will not only learn the biblical system and the outline alone, but learn personal life and the life of faith in God. Although you may not become a missionary, we believe you will receive the precious grace of God being manifested in your life.

This Bible Training Center will become a blessing to each and everyone of you personally, teach you to become precious workers whom God is pleased with and lead you to be established as spiritual pastors and missionaries who will light up the world.

We thank God for broadening the access to the opportunity of learning theology through Internet even to remote places in Africa and the Amazon region in South America. Do not miss this chance! We hope you attach your heart with Jesus Christ and grow to become man of faith, not slave of flesh, so that many people could listen to this gospel through you.

Even though online lectures are not face-to-face and use the internet as a medium, do not take it carelessly, but with prayerful heart. If you learn with the heart as if you are physically attending the lecture, sitting up at the desk and with the Bible open, we believe that you will become great man of faith whose life is more graceful and blessed. Please pray for this Bible Training Center. Thank you.

President of Mahanaim Bible Training Center
Ock Soo Park