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Through This Theology School My Heart Was Moved
Author : Mahanaim     Date Posted:2011-03-30 16:38:02     Views:814

1st Class Jung Sook Kim


The Mahanaim Cyber College lectures were a great blessing to me. I was like a family member in the

church after receiving salvation, but my life was an endless suffering because I was gradually tied down

to heavy burdens and the works of the law.


It seemed that everyone around me was living like me; therefore, I did not think of it as a big problem or

that Jesus had nothing to do with me. However, my spiritual life became harder as I saw my heart flowed

in the same direction as the unsaved people every time I faced problems or difficulties.


As I listened to the words, I saw clearly that I did not have rest or placed my life into the hands of the

Lord after I met Jesus. I was rather under the death and curse of trying to live for the Lord and for the

gospel as the good standards that seemed correct to me became my master.


I lived a difficult life because I was filled with the thought of preparing myself well before going to God

even though I failed countless of times and I can’t serve or believe in God with my deceitful heart. A

wicked and crooked heart like mine is not something that can be fixed or refined.


Peter continually trusted in himself and in his conscience. Jesus did the work of breaking down such a

Peter. Peter thought it was all over between him and Jesus when his true heart was revealed as he

denied Jesus. However, it was a way for him to truly meet Jesus. It was not despair and he truly became

a disciple of Jesus by breaking free from himself. Likewise, I was moved to Jesus as I was placed in a

situation where I can’t do anything and my heart of not being able to love or serve the gospel was



Holding on to me that can’t do anything and trying to serve Jesus was a deception of Satan. God sent

Jesus for me. I am no longer bound to my weakness, worthlessness, and lacking because I was made

one with God through Jesus. A new path was opened for me to live having faith only in Jesus Christ

regardless of my actions.


There was only despair when I relied on myself and when I was the master. But now I would like to

thank the professors of Mahanaim Cyber College that made me depart from relying on myself and moved

my heart to a place where I can live only by faith regardless of myself. I am happy because I am not the

one that lives spiritual life but it is to look to the Lord. I thank God.

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